Our Locals

WEA-Riverside represents locals from school districts across Southwest Washington.  Our members include higher education, certificated, and educational support staff from the following associations:

Battle Gound School District

Battle Ground Education Association (BGEA) (website) (facebook
President:  Linda Peterson (email

Camas School District

Camas Association of Educational Office Professionals (CAEOP)
Co-Presidents:  Shauna Ruse & Jeannie Stanger

Camas Education Association (CEA) (website) (facebook)
President:  Mark Gardner (email)

Evergreen School District

Evergreen Education Association (EEA) (website) (facebook)
President:  Rob Lutz (email)

Hockinson School District

Hockinson Education Association (HEA) (website) (facebook)
Co-Presidents:  Corey McEnry & Megan Miles (email)

Hockinson Educational Support Professionals (HESP)

Mount Pleasant School District

Mt Pleasant Education Association (MPEA)

Ridgefield School District

Ridgefield Classified Paraprofessional Education Association (RCPEA)

Ridgefield Education Association (REA) (website)
President: Joe Thayer (email)

Stevenson-Carson School District

Stevenson-Carson Education Association (SCEA)
President: Erin Riggins

Vancouver School District

Vancouver Association of Educational Support Professionals (VAESP) (website)
President: Sue Prindle (email

Washougal School District

Washougal Association of Educators (WAE)
President:  Frank Zahn (email)