Teresa Correy

Teresa has been with WEA-Riverside since August of 2013.  She maintains membership rosters and dues collections, assists the council and local leaders with financial activities for their association, works with district payroll employees to ensure accurate FTE and collection rates, and supports the execution of professional development programs and training events for the council.  Prior to coming to the WEA-Riverside office, she worked at the local headquarters of an international manufacturing company in the consumer goods industry.  Teresa enjoys helping members find solutions, ensuring they have representation, and building personal relationships with the educators of our locals.  When she’s not working on behalf of WEA-Riverside members, she fills her time with sports activities of various kinds and cooking to help her relax.

Lynn Davidson

Lynn began working as a UniServ Director at WEA-Riverside in June 2007.  Lynn enjoys advocating and bargaining for education employees. She believes that certificated and classified contracts ensure that students and educators have appropriate class sizes and resources they need for learning.  Lynn is working with the members in the Battle Ground, Hockinson, Ridgefield and Stevenson Carson Districts.  Lynn has provided training at statewide WEA Bargaining Conferences, Small & Rural Conferences, and at many other statewide and local professional development trainings over the years.  Prior to joining WEA, Lynn worked as a classified and certificated employee in Washington state. 

Lisa Raine

Lisa has worked as a UniServ Director for WEA-Riverside since August of 2001.  During her time here, she has been assigned to work with the majority of the locals.  Currently she is working primarily with locals affiliated with the Camas and Evergreen Districts.  Lisa has worked as the coordinator of political action efforts all throughout her tenure with the council. A highlight of the work for Lisa is developing training and leadership opportunities through programs like SPARKS, Gyroscope, Member Sessions, and miscellaneous trainings.  Prior to her work for our council Lisa worked as a UniServ Director in Spokane and Grand Junction, WA from 1997-2001.  Prior to her union work in Washington, Lisa began as an active local member of the Iowa State Education Association, and was in the classroom as a Government and US History teacher for 5 years.

Cheryl Vandervort

Cheryl is happy to serve the members of WEA-Riverside in Southwest Washington.  She coordinates meetings and events, creates many of the flyers, advertisements and other publications for the council and maintains our social media content.  Cheryl began working for WEA in 2011 at the North Central office and joined the WEA-Riverside office in 2014.  She enjoys sunny days, knitting, spending time in the garden and a good cup of tea.