Our Locals

WEA-Riverside represents locals from school districts across Southwest Washington.  Our members include certificated staff, educational support staff, and higher education members from the following districts and colleges:

Battle Gound School District

Battle Ground Education Association (BGEA) (website) (facebook
President:  Kim Bettger (email

Camas School District

Camas Association of Educational Office Professionals (CAEOP)
Interim President:  Gabby Macias (email)

Camas Education Association (CEA) (website) (facebook)
President:  Marci Zabel (email)

Clark College

Clark College Association of Higher Education (CCAHE) (website)
President:  Suzanne Southerland (email)

Evergreen School District

Evergreen Education Association (EEA) (website) (facebook)
President:  Kristie Peak (email)

Hockinson School District

Hockinson Education Association (HEA) (website) (facebook)
President:  Christine Parker (email)

Hockinson Educational Support Professionals (HESP)
President: Angela Landon (email)

Mill-A School District

Mill-A Education Association (Mill-A EA)
President: Ryan VanDuzor (email)

Mount Pleasant School District

Mt Pleasant Education Association (MPEA)
President: Katy Anholt (email)

Ridgefield School District

Ridgefield Classified Paraprofessional Education Association (RCPEA)
President: Alicia Tisch (email)

Ridgefield Education Association (REA) (website)
Co-Presidents: Dave Dennett (email) & Elizabeth Stamp (email)

Stevenson-Carson School District

Stevenson-Carson Education Association (SCEA)
President: Lena Macnab (email)

Vancouver School District

Vancouver Association of Educational Support Professionals (VAESP) (website)
President: Chipo Sowards (email

Washougal School District

Washougal Association of Educators (WAE)
President:  Jay Bennett (email)