It's_Your_UnionWhat’s a UniServ?

WEA's UniServ councils are the direct link between local associations (and members) and programs available at the regional, state and national levels.

UniServ (short for Unified Service) councils are the regional offices and staff members who deliver the expertise and programs available through the WEA to members at the local level.

Who Belongs?

UniServ councils consist of a group of local associations in the same geographic region. WEA has 21 UniServ Councils.

WEA-Riverside UniServ Council, as with the other 20 councils, has its own governance leaders, with members directly electing their council officers -- similar to the local association elections. Council officers (or Executive Board) make major policy and spending decisions in conjunction with the policy directives set by member-delegates at the annual WEA Representative Assembly.

Who Are The Staff?

WEA-Riverside - in partnership with WEA and NEA - hires staff members to assist local members and local associations. Our council staff is likely to include a mix of former classroom teachers, lawyers, labor law experts, organizers, mediators, bargaining specialists and support staff.

These staff members help local associations with bargaining, contract enforcement, grievances, professional growth seminars, community outreach, political action, public relations and numerous other areas.

How Do Local Associations Fit In?

Local associations elect delegates or representatives to our council. These delegates attend the representative council meetings and have the opportunity to vote on council issues and take action regarding major policy and spending decisions