Political Action

No one knows what works in our schools better than you--the teachers and support professionals. It's important that you share your thoughts, concerns and expertise with our elected leaders, so contact your legislators TODAY!  The legislative districts of SW Washington include: 17th LD, 18th LD, and 49th LD.  The Senators and Representatives from each of those districts can be found below.  By clicking on any of the legislators listed below, you will be taken to the Washinton State listing that includes contact information and committees that legislators are working on.

17th Leg Dist 18th Leg Dist 49th Leg Dist

Sen. Lynda Wilson (R)

Sen. Ann Rivers (R) Sen. Annette Clevland (D)

Rep. Vicki Kraft (R)

Rep. Brandon Vick (R) Rep. Sharon Wylie (D)

Rep. Paul Harris (R)

Rep. Larry Hoff (R) Rep. Monica Stonier (D)

Unsure which district you live in or who your legislators are? Visit the “Find Your Legislator” page at www.leg.wa.gov, to find out. 

Check out the OurVoice site website to see the current updates from Washington Education Association's political action committee.


  • You can contact your legislator directly at the above e-mail and phone numbers or by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.
  • Please contact your legislators on your own (duty-free) time from your home phone, personal cell phone, or personal email account. DO NOT USE YOUR SCHOOL/WORK EMAIL ACCOUNT OR PHONE NUMBER FOR POLITICAL ACTION.